Stress less.
Be happier.
Use AI to enjoy life more.

Evidence-backed, AI-powered support for mental wellbeing.

How it works?

Empathetic AI

This AI is a robot, built by our geniuses to listen to you and provide smart, tailored guidance.

Available 24/7

Any time you’re struggling with stress, you can speak to our AI and work through how you’re feeling using evidence-based strategies.

Tailored to you

You can also learn more about your specific stress triggers and how to deal with them with structured and personalised courses.

How is it going to help me?

When using Mind Health AI, users report a boost in well-being.*

Feel Supported

Our evidence backed support system is available to you 24/7

Feel understood

Our empathetic AI listens to you when you need it

Feel better

Tailored courses will help you develop healthy coping techniques for stress

*Based on a survey from users who used the app 2+ times per week.

Say goodbye to stress

And hello to your AI support system


Let’s get started, shall we?

Our vision of the future

World's first Emotional AI

Our vision is to build the world's first emotional AI

To better understand our emotions

We still don't understand how anxious or stressful we are. That's why we envision a world where AI can help us understand our wellbeing.

Talk to AI
A world without pain

You are not alone in your journey – together we can make the world a better place.

Personalised Meditation using AI

We integrate different mindfulness and therapy techniques to help you release your stress.